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Services / Wireless network installation and support

A network is a logical array of devices that has a common method of communication. In some cases it is more feasible(based on distance topology climate) to utilize wireless data transmission and as a result a wireless network configuration is necessary. Computer concepts has the capability to provide the necessary wireless needs to our clients in either a purely wireless configuration or a hybrid situation which contains both a physical and wireless scenario.

Available Features
Real Time on Premise Automatic Roaming to the Nearest Access Point
No software fees or subscription
High performance Dual Band capabilities
Amazing wireless coverage (up to 500ft) from some configuration
Unlimited Access Point scalability
Ability to monitor and manage system traffic from one central console
Custom maps to provide a logical visual representation of Network
300 mbps maximum throughput
Suitable for homes and large organizations
Sleek industrial design with versatile indoor and outdoor coverage

P.S. Eliminate joining multiple SSIDs for one premises